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Bathroom Remodeling NorthridgeRenovating your bathroom, though exciting, may seem like a daunting task. Here are five steps to the perfect bathroom remodel.

1) Choose a Style

2) Pick your bathroom layout

3) Choose your finishes

4) Pick your bathroom fixtures

5) Hire your contractor

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1) Identify your style. Surf the web for bathroom remodeling photos and look through magazines for pictures of beautiful bathrooms. Take time to visualize yourself in each room. You may not be in love with everything you see in a room, but your goal should be to isolate what you do like from each picture. Keep portfolio from your research.

There are many styles out there to choose from; if you find one you like try and replicate it. Here is a brief look at three bathroom styles.

Modern or Contemporary bathroom:Contemporary bathrooms have clean lines and custom cabinetry with lots of chrome and glass. Natural tile on both the the floor and walls add harmony to the modern bath and help to maintain an uncluttered look. To achieve the same style in your bathroom remodel choose shapes that are more square and less round. This modern style also features stark contrasts, like the dark wood and glossy cream tile, as seen here in this stylish bathroom.

Make sure you limit your palette in both material and color. In aiming for a minimalist bathroom keep the space clean, but still warm and inviting. Focus on simplicity. Effective lighting should also be a key consideration. Some designers are incorporating stainless tiles in their designs.

Top 3 must-haves for

Bathroom Remodeling Northridge

Custom cabinetry

Built in bath

Separate shower stall with glass door

Country bathroom:

Comfy and casual, with painted wood paneling on the walls, wood flooring, a claw foot soaker tub and a pedestal sink. Paint finishes can be distressed or crackled.

Top 3 must-haves:

Pedestal sink

Soaker tub

Painted wood paneling

Luxury or Spa bathroom:

Cool and sleek with high-end natural finishes like limestone, slate, marble with glass, chrome and stainless steel.

Include wall colors that look like water: aqua blues and greens.

Top 3 must-haves:


A rain shower head

An above counter basin

2) Pick your bathroom layout. Play with your layout to find the configuration that best suits your needs and available space. A great way of trying out different options for your bathroom layout is to use a spreadsheet package or a CAD package. Before you decide on your final layout plan it a good idea to get quotes and advice from a bathroom remodeling contractor or plumber.

A basic bathroom will have three or four features: sink and vanity, toilet, tub and in some cases a separate shower. All of which require plumbing. The most straight-forward and inexpensive design would be to have all of your plumbing along one wall. There are also the U-shape (plumbing in 3 walls) and square layouts (all 4 walls).

Bathrooms often have limited space. In order to counteract look and feel of being cramped try using a glass wall in your shower. This will keep the space open and flowing. Light colors, mirrors and ample light also prevent your space from feeling confined.

3) Choose your finishes. While there are seemingly endless finishes, and combinations thereof, the basics are: for your walls: paint, tile, stone, wood and wallpaper. For floors: tile, stone, wood, linoleum and vinyl tiles. Vanity countertop: tile, stone, plastic laminate. Another option for your bathroom vanity counter top is solid surfacing which is durable and water resistant. The most well known brands are Coraian, Nevamar and Surell.

One sure way to add luxury to your bathroom would be to install a heated floor.

4) Pick your bathroom fixtures. There are many factors that will contribute to your final selection of a toilet, sink, tub and faucets. While cost is often a big factor, more and more homeowners are concerned about style and water conservation. A fourth factor in purchasing a toilet is its flushing ability.

Older toilets use about 21 quarts of water to flush. You can dramatically reduce that by buying a ultra low flush toilet which only uses 6.34 or less quarts of water per flush.

Saving water saves you money in the long run. Some cities even offer rebates for ultra-low flush toilets and high-efficiency washing machines.

So, when you are researching retailers web sites for bathroom fixtures get the full picture before making your purchases.

5) Hire your contractor. You want to find a local contractor with a good reputation. Once you have your contractor make sure you have a written estimate and a clear start and completion date.

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