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recaulkingIf your tub, tiles, counter tops, toilets,etc need recaulking then you need to call Bill Syms Today.

This is one big pain in the neck job for most people. It can be extremely messy and if you do not know what you are doing can look terrible when you are done.

Depending on your water quality caulking can turn color from hard water staining and can even get mold growing on it which can be very difficult to get rid of. You can spend hours upon hours trying to clean the caulk but once it has turned color it is usually to far gone to bring back to like new condition again.

The easiest and fastest solution is to let us do your recaulking.

Bill Syms Bath Maintenance has re caulked hundreds of tubs over the years and we can get in do the job and get out in a very timely manner.

While we are there we will also do a free tile and tub inspection and discuss any issues we see that may be of concer, like the possible need for a bathtub reglazing.

Give us a call to day for your Recaulking needs. We will provide a friendly free quote.

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